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        tangshan tiankun metal tool manufacturing co., ltd

        tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltdcompany profile

        company profile

        Focus on manufacturing

        tangshan tiankun metal tool manufacturing co., ltd. is located in luannan county, tangshan city, hebei province, china, on the beautiful coast of the bohai sea. the two ports of tangshan, caofeidian and jingtang port, are the important ports in northern china. tangshan is adjacent to the two major cities of beijing and tianjin, 192 kilometers away from beijing and 70 kilometers away from tianjin binhai new area. it is located in the one hour economic circle of beijing tianjin hebei, and is the first choice for convenient transportation 。 luannan, hebei province is the production base of steel spades in china. its products are exported to europe, america and other dozens of countries. tangshan tiankun mainly produces steel spades, aluminum spades, steel forks, steel pickaxes and hardware garden tools, more than 500 varieties, registered brands buffalo and benpai, with an annual output of more than 9 million pieces and an output value of more than 10 million us dollars. company address: along the trunk road, songdaokou town, luannan county, tangshan city.



        60000square meter

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        tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltdNews Center

        What's new in the industry   every day makes sense

        tangshan steel shovel
        tangshan steel shovel

        luannan county is located in the core area of bohai economic circle and beijing tianjin hebei metropolitan area, with complete infrastructure. luannan county is a famous steel spade production base, with an annual production of more than 300 million steel spades and hardware tools, accounting for 90% of the country&amp;#039;s export volume, and an annual export of 80 million us dollars. in recent years, luannan county, hebei province, the &amp;quot;hometown of steel spade&amp;quot;, has guided enterprises to increase product research and development, and promoted the development and upgrading of steel spade industry. at present, there are 182 steel spade enterprises in the county, and the products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions.

        quality of steel spade
        quality of steel spade

        as a kind of common metal products, steel spade is widely used in agriculture, construction and other industries. the quality of steel spade depends on the production process and heat treatment process of steel spade. the heat treatment process of steel includes annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering and surface heat treatment. tempering includes high temperature tempering, medium temperature tempering and low temperature tempering. tempering is to reheat the quenched steel to a certain temperature and then cool it by a certain method. its purpose is to eliminate the internal stress produced by quenching, reduce the hardness and brittleness, so as to achieve the expected mechanical properties.

        steel shovel town
        steel shovel town

        luannan county takes the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development as the main line to make the traditional characteristic industry bigger and stronger. through the transformation of mode and structure, it constantly innovates the reform ideas and measures, builds the steel shovel town with high quality, focuses on promoting the high-quality development of the steel shovel industry, and drives the traditional characteristic industry to radiate new vitality. recently, the provincial development and reform commission announced the list of the first batch of characteristic towns in hebei province (jite town lianban [2017] no. 1). luannan county, china steel shovel town on the list of cultivation category.

        tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltdmarketing network

        It covers 31 provinces in China and exports to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia

        The product quality of the company has reached the national standard GB / T 19001-2008

        And obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

        tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltd tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltd
        坐標 Middle East
        坐標 Europe
        坐標 Asia
        坐標 America
        坐標 Africa
        坐標 Australia
        tangshan tiankun metal tools co., ltd

        tangshan tiankun metal tool manufacturer is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of agricultural and garden metal tools, the sales of waste steel and wood, and the import and export business

        Office address

        address:south side of tangle highway, luannan county, tangshan city, hebei province


        executive director:程序員

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        Focus on us

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